God & The Machine

Far away from La Sagrada Familia and Barcelona’s other famous landmarks, BSC-CNS’ Marenostrum is perhaps one of the city’s most peculiar buildings.

In a move that would fit perfectly inside a Phillip K. Dick novel or a Cyberpunk Anime, BSC have decided to house one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers inside an ordinary looking church (although ordinary perhaps only because of the city’s standards set by the likes of Gaudi and Domènech i Montaner).

Standing in front of Marenostrum’s silent, glass-encased panopticon of cables and blinking lights is like staring at a juxtaposition manifest. The mind races trying to capture the sense of historic irony, running through the tremendous list of fitting pop-culture references to try and encapsulate this eluding metaphor.

In a move that’s both benefitial for practical reasons such as temperature and isolation, as well as irresistably attractive from a PR standpoint, BSC have left the church standing and simply placed their 48 896-core brain.

After the latest (34million euro) update, Mare Nostrum 4 will be able to compute 13,400 billion operations per second. Amaazingly, Mare Nostrum 4 will be able to do in a day what Mare Nostrum 1 took a year to process.